CNN Anchor Shocked When Ex Israeli PM Says Israel Built ‘Hamas Bunkers’ Under Gaza Hospital Decades Ago

CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour was stunned when former Israel Prime Minister Barak told her that Israel built the ‘Hamas bunker’ under Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital decades ago. During a CNN interview on Monday Barak said that the bunkers being used by Hamas for terror activity were originally “built by Israeli constructors.” Amanpour was so surprised at … Read more

Those Who Lost Thier Lives To Transphobia Honored On ‘Transgender Day of Remembrance’

November 20 was Trans Day of Remembrance (TDoR) also known as the International Transgender Day of Remembrance – a fictional holiday promoted by the global establishment to honor and remember those who lost their lives to transphobia In other words, this is yet another attempt at pushing the LGBT agenda on citizens around the world. Politicians and … Read more